Rage Maker Editor

Meme Maker Script
Easy Create Rage Images
Huge Database of Rage Faces
Easy to Use
Custom Watermark
Adsense Ready

Easy Create Rage Images    
Awesome new rage comic editor for your web or FB! Allow users to create rage images fast and easy!  
Rage Editor Functions    
Easy Add a Text box, Select Brush Color, Image Preview, Select Brush Color  
Custom Watermark    
Every rage comic created with your custom watermark. You can change a logo.  
Facebook Page Integration    
NEW! You can Add Editor to your FB page app.(need developing)  
300+ Rage Faces Images Included    
You will receive more than 300 meme images for your new site.
NEW! 300+ Rage Faces images
NEW! Customizable
Can Create Multi-panel Rage Comics
100% PHP Source Code
Built for high traffic websites!
Powerfull Admin Panel
Allows users to select from a huge database of rage faces
Allow users to create rage images
Easy to Use
Category of Rage Faces
Facebook Integration
Custom Watermark
Minimal Server Requierement
No Copyright
Add a text box
Select Brush Color
Image Preview
Select Brush Color

Any basic server with GD installed.
Apache web server with mod_rewrite enabled.
MySQL version 4.0+
GD Library 2+ with freetype support.

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