Meme Maker Script 2.1

Meme Maker Script
Rage Comic Editor
Administration Panel
User Uploads
SEO Friendly
Adsense Ready
Social Media Sharing
Meme and Troll Faces Included

DemoAdmin Demo

Username: admin Password: admin

Powerfull Administration Panel    
Easy to use administration panel gives you total control over your Meme Maker Script. Allows you to fully manage your website.  
Meme Maker Creator Included    
Allow your visitors to make a meme or rage comics directly on your site. Easy menu, fast publishing, great paint tools and much more..!
300+ Meme and Troll Faces Images Included    
You will receive more than 300 meme and troll faces images for your new site. Easy start for your new page!
Vote Section    
New meme or rage comics and uploaded images go to the voting section where members can vote on them.
Easy User Uploads    
Allow your visitors to share their own hilarious pictures directly to your site from their pc or mobile.  
SEO Friendly URLs    
Attract even more visitors to your site with Search Engine Friendly URLs on all pages, automatically generated and easy to change.  
Social Media Sharing    
Easy sharing built in enables your visitors to share your pages directly to their social application.  
Adsense Ready    
The script is ready for your Adsense code to be displayed in pre set places. No need to mess around with custom coding.  
WaterMark Images    
Automatically stamp all of your rage comics with your site logo.  
Easy Insert Analytics Code    
Custom analytics code can be inserted directly from your Meme Maker Script Administration Panel!  
Meme Maker Editor
SEO Friendly
Powerfull Admin Panel
Easy to Use
Email Verification
Public Voting System
300+ Meme and Rage Images Included
Social Media Sharing
Easy Insert Analytics Code
100% Viewable PHP Source Code  

Apache web server with mod_rewrite enabled.
MySQL version 4.0+
GD Library 2+ with freetype support.
PHP 5.2+ with the following configuration

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